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ACMS-IRB (ACMS Institutional Review Board)

The Academy of Chinese Medicine, Singapore – Institutional Review Board (ACMS-IRB) is established under ACMS Council. This Board (also referred to as the Research Ethics Committee in some countries) is an independent Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) ethics review committee which reviews, approves and monitors the ethical aspects of TCM research projects conducted by a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner Board (TCMPB) registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner (TCMP). Our main objective is to protect the rights and welfare of potential research subjects and also promote high ethical standards in TCM research.

At present, the ACMS-IRB would only be accepting applications for non-interventional research projects.


ACMS Review Process

An overview of the initial application submission and review process is as follows:

ACMS-IRB shall provide researcher(s) with an initial outcome of its review of the proposed research project 2 weeks after the IRB review.

For simple, straightforward Protocol Amendments (i.e. changes in Principal Investigator, Co-Investigator(s) and/or contact information), ACMS-IRB need to be informed within 7 working days. Otherwise, it would follow the above timeline for the new application.

The PI is to submit written summaries of the progress of the research to ACMS-IRB every quarterly.

All unexpected serious adverse events related to the research would need to be reported immediately to ACMS-IRB.

Forms Submission

Approved Submission
This section is strictly for submissions approved by the ACMS-IRB. Principal Investigators seeking to extend their IRB approval must submit a Study Status Report at least 2 months before the IRB approval period ends. Principal Investigators should use the document templates available for download below:
    1. ACMS-IRB Amendment Form
    2. ACMS-IRB Local Serious Adverse Effect (SAE) Reporting Form
    3. ACMS-IRB Protocol Deviation and Non-Compliance Form
    4. Study Status Report Form (Study Closure, Renewal, Reactivation will use this form)


Submission Guidelines

Applications are accepted throughout the year. Principal Investigators (PI) are expected to follow the submission guidelines strictly in the IRB Application form.

Softcopies of completed applications and requisite supporting documents of the following requirements should be submitted by email to

For ease of reference, please use the email subject heading “ACMS-IRB Application – [Simplified Study Title]’ (e.g. “ACMS-IRB Application – Effect of XX”) and addressed email to secretariat of ACMS-IRB.

ACMS IRB Application FormWord AND PDF (signed and scanned in full colour)
  • Qualifications of PI and Co-I(s)
    • CITI and/or GCP certificates of PI and Co-I(s) (If applicable)
      Please ensure that the CITI certificates are still valid and not expired.
    • CVs of PI, Co-I(s) and Collaborator(s) (1-page each)
      Please ensure that the CV does not include sensitive information like identification number and home address.

Other Supporting Documents

If Applicable:

  • Study Protocol
  • Lay Summary of Research
  • Participant Information Sheet and Consent Form (Research Study and/or Video and Photography)*
  • Questionnaires/Survey Forms/Interview Guides (If applicable)*
  • Recruitment Materials* (e.g) Invitation Letters/ Emails/Phone Scripts * Advertisements (If applicable)
  • Payment to subjects and Payment Schedule
  • List of variables to be extracted from medical records database (If applicable)
  • Copy of grant award letter (For funded studies)

*Please submit these documents in additional languages, e.g. Mandarin, Malay and Tamil (if applicable). Do note that PIs are responsible for the accuracy of the translations.


The original signed hard copy of application form and supporting documents (CVs of PI, Co-I and Collaborators) should be mailed to:

Secretariat of ACMS-IRB
Academy of Chinese Medicine, Singapore
705 Serangoon Road Singapore 328127

For changes in the protocol, ACMS-IRB should be informed within 7 working days.


Will be updated soon

Fees & Payment

IRB Review Fees
Types of ReviewACMS*Non-ACMS
Initial ApplicationClinical Trial which includes intervention of TCM herbs/ acupuncture/ manipulation
[*Currently Not Available for Review]
Medical Records Review50100
Subsequent Amendments2550
Subsequent Site Amendments50100

*This is applicable to studies at host institution related to Individual ACMS members or initiated by industry or commercial entities. ACMS initiated research projects would not need a review fee.

Payment must be made payable to Academy of Chinese Medicine, Singapore by Cheque or Bank Transfer.

The cheque with cover sheet:

Must be submitted and mail to us at

Secretariat of ACMS-IRB
Academy of Chinese Medicine, Singapore
705 Serangoon Road, Singapore 328127

For Bank Transfer with cover sheet:

To provide proof of payment slip/screen shot of payment and email us at

Download Cover sheet

Contact Us

For queries, you may refer to the Frequently Answered Questions (will be updated soon) or contact the ACMS-IRB Executive at

Page updated as of 4 May 2022.