Introduction & History

Academy of Chinese Medicine, Singapore (ACMS) has its 1st Executive Council established in October 2015. ACMS was designated to be the leading academic organisation of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Singapore, shouldering the mission of promoting TCM education so as to enhance the clinical skills of TCM practitioners and also encourage more evidence based research collaborations between TCM and Western medicine for the benefits of the public healthcare.


The executive Council of ACMS comprised of thirteen (13) members, of which seven (7) are TCM practitioners elected from eligible ordinary members during the Annual General Meeting. The other six (6) members were appointed by the Minister of Health; they are members selected by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Board.


ACMS membership is open to all Singapore registered TCM practitioners, they are either an ordinary member or an associate member depending on the degree that they have obtained and their years of practice.


The future plans of ACMS:

(1) To award Fellowship to practitioners who have made outstanding contributions to TCM. Collaborate with other TCM organisations to set up criteria for specialization, and a system of promotion.
(2) To establish a research fund which will be opened to all TCM or Western medicine researchers who are interested to do high quality TCM research in Singapore. Provide scholarship or bursary to interested qualifying practitioners to do postgraduate programs.
(3) To conduct professional TCM continuing education and to publish high quality TCM Journals so as to assert professional status and upgrade clinical skills of our local TCM practitioners.
(4) Invite overseas or local experts to conduct seminars or conferences on integrative medicine, encourage discussion so as to promote exchanges between TCM and Western medicine practitioners. To bridge the local and overseas TCM organisations/institutions and also launch international medical exchanges or cooperation in the field of education, training and research. With these projects, we hope to pave the way to having integrative medicine in Singapore healthcare system in the future.