* Below are the requirements for TCMP applicants:
  • TCMP applicants should preferably possess no less than 10 years of clinical experience.
  • At point of application, applicant must submit a proposal on a clinical research project. The project should identify a novel and impactful research question that will address a gap in current clinical practice. Projects need not necessarily involve treatment (e.g. Randomised Controlled Trial type) and can also be lab-based (e.g. studying biomarkers, working with animal models) but with potential clinical applications. Applicants must also identify a suitable mentor for the project. If the project is a clinical trial involving TCM treatment, the TCMP should identify a western doctor/researcher AND a senior TCMP in the specific field as mentors for the project.
  • The MCI programme is positioned as a launchpad for graduates to engage in a research/clinician-scientist career, and applicants should be clearly committed to continue with research in the long term. For applicants under ACMS scholarship, they should be prepared to help ACMS launch and carry out more TCM research projects in the future.

Note: The admission criteria of the programme might change after 2025.